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A few excellent pieces of progress on the City Research Online project to report.

First, we now have academic colleagues interacting with the Current Research Information System to upload their papers, and have already received some material via these channels. This is in addition to material sent to us via email to the shared service inbox. We’re now working to make research live, as can be seen in the latest additions area of City Research Online.

Second, we have set up a Twitter account which streams new additions to the service. Tweets from this account have already been noticed and retweeted by City colleagues and by City’s main Twitter account and (of course!) the Library’s account. On top of this, repository colleagues have added the City Research Online Twitter stream to this aggregated list of UK repository tweets.

Finally, we’re making the first steps toward integrating repository data with City’s web presence elsewhere, by adding an RSS feed of new research from the Department of Journalism to the Library’s subject guide for that department. We’re going to roll out more of these feeds to other library subject guides and other areas of the library’s web presence soon.

Though incrementally small, these feel like real progress toward telling people about the service, and repurposing data from it in useful ways.


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